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Supervisor Help & FAQ

Once you have received your welcome package from ADWA, you are ready to begin.

  • Start by reviewing the Supervisor Certification Preparation Manual to familiarize yourself with the process and the standards.
  • Meet with the candidate to find out if he or she has a plan for how to proceed. If not, make a plan to review the core competency standards and think about how the candidate meets those standards and what evidence might support this.
  • Ask the candidate to pick someone they have provided services to (current or past) and follow the employer's procedures to find out if the individual will provide a reference. This means getting their permission to share their contact information with ADWA so that someone from ADWA can ask them what the candidate does that makes a difference in their life. Depending on your employer's rules about such things, you or the candidate will be the one to contact the individual and forward their consent form to ADWA. We will do the rest. (Note that if those supported cannot give a meaningful reference, a family member or guardian who knows what the candidate does can substitute.)
  • If the candidate has difficulty identifying a proctor that meets ADWA guidelines, you may provide assistance. It is not your job to proctor online assessments.
  • You are required to provide a supervisor checklist-based reference. You do not need to comment on every single competency, only those you have observed the candidate demonstrating. Each observed standard is to be accompanied by a brief description of what you observed the candidate do and enough context for it to make sense. The same story/description may demonstrate multiple standards and you may copy-and-paste a story into more than one location in the reference form. Core competency standards are demonstrated in a number of contexts: during direct services, in team meetings, or in supervisory sessions, to name a few. You may also find it helpful to arrange to observe the candidate to become more familiar with the skills and attitudes that they demonstrate. The section of the reference on the candidate's goals and efforts to improve practice may be taken directly from the most recent performance evaluation. Please remove identifying information of individuals receiving support or of other third parties. You may submit your completed reference form using the online Certification Evidence Form or forward it to ADWA at and we will upload it into the system.
  • Once the ADWA Certification Coordinator and expert evaluators have looked over all of the evidence, they will contact the candidate to arrange to observe her or him at work. ADWA will use your employer's consent process for arrangements. Depending on your rules, you may be involved in obtaining required consents and informing the observer of any safety considerations.

If anything more is required, the ADWA Certification Coordinator will let you know.

Useful Documents

If you misplace your copy, you can download another copy from this page.


If you run into technical difficulties (e.g., you cannot access or submit a form, your sign-on does not work, you cannot sign out), contact us at If you need help interpreting requirements or how to meet them, or anything to do with the process or content, contact Shauna Pilipchuk (Certification Coordinator) at Please contact one of these individuals as soon as you have questions. Don't struggle and start to become frustrated. ADWA is here to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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