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2018 Call for Nominations to the ADWA Board

Posted By Kathleen Biersdorff on March 5, 2018

The Alberta Disability Workers Association is YOUR professional association. Our main priority is recognition of a skilled workforce that is respected and fairly compensated. ADWA board members take an active role in government education and advocacy for better compensation, educational opportunities and safety. Board members represent ADWA and disability workers on workforce and service provider councils in some regions and other advisory groups. Some make presentations about ADWA to students and service providers. All participate in board and committee meetings to develop strategies that move ADWA’s goals forward. ADWA activities require an average of 8 – 10 hours a month.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do, or a good fit for someone you know? Please nominate yourself or another member to the ADWA board. Four seats are up for election. The Nominations Committee will review candidates’ information to ensure a reasonable match with ADWA’s needs.

What ADWA Needs. Your board has benefited from the experience of its members in education, human resources, research and management. Disability workers fill a variety of roles and support diverse needs. ADWA aims to have that diversity reflected in conversations at the board table. We need board members with front line experience, even if they now hold other positions. We would also benefit from having people who can speak about issues in children’s services, family-managed services and other disability areas. As our organization grows, we need board members who can help us with the transition from a working board to a governance board with multiple staff.

While the Nominations Committee welcomes candidates from any part of Alberta, ADWA currently has no board member from the Northwest. Most of the meetings are on Skype, so limited travel time is required.

Over the next year, your board’s main work will include government education and advocacy, creating the right infrastructure to support a large membership organization and promoting our professional association and certification throughout Alberta. Political savvy and connections, strategic thinking skills, policy development, advocacy experience and the time and ability to build good working relationships with government and other partners will be helpful.

What ADWA Offers. Your board includes interesting people with broad skill sets and experience, who are generous in sharing what they have learned. As a result, you will become better informed about what is happening that affects disability workers, and hone skills in collaboration, political advocacy, member engagement and/or communication, depending on your interests. If you are passionate about the advancement of disability work as a profession, you will find ADWA board membership rewarding.

How to Answer the Call. ADWA members in good standing who wish to be on the board must submit their nomination by March 25, 2018. Please include the following information with your nomination:

  • Name and contact information (e-mail, mailing address, best phone number to call)
  • Why you want to be on the ADWA board
  • What you have to offer (summary of your community connections, committee work, government relations/advocacy experience)

Forward this information to If you nominate someone else, that person must also send us an e-mail saying they are willing to serve.