Alberta Disability Workers Association
Building a Valued, Proud & Professional Workforce
Membership Benefits

Your membership in ADWA identifies you as someone committed to disability work as a career path. Your work is not just a job; it is a profession with standards of competency and ethical conduct. ADWA supports public recognition of your skill as a professional through its certification initiatives and advocacy on behalf of the profession.

Membership in ADWA supports these efforts and much more. Your ADWA membership gives you access to a wealth of knowledge about best practices, new resources, advocacy efforts, jobs in the disability sector and more.

ADWA is a membership-driven professional association. You have a voice with people who listen to what you say is important.

Your money is important to you and we want to help it go farther. ADWA membership includes access to Perkopolis discounts that include savings on travel, insurance and purchases for your home and family, regardless of whether you live in a large city or small community. With Perkopolis, you can save more than the cost of your annual membership on purchases you would have made anyway.

Please note that by law, ADWA memberships are not tax-deductible.

Learn more about ADWA membership categories and methods of payment.