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Sample Letter

(Insert current date here)

Honourable Rajan Sawhney

Minister of Community and Social Services
224 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B6


Dear Minister Sawhney


My name is (your name here). I am a (worker) in the disability services sector. (You can use your job title or description. You can also include where you work but it is not necessary.) I am writing to you today to tell you about the need for the workers in our sector to receive an immediate wage increase of a minimum of $2/hour for our essential work.


(Tell your story in this paragraph. Don’t worry about adding statistics or numbers or anything like that. Just focus on the important work you do and why you deserve to be paid more. If you need some help thinking about this, please see the link in the campaign description. You don’t have to use the ideas on the list. You can use completely different ideas as well. They are just there to help you to gather your thoughts. Your own story will be the most compelling argument of the need for you to be recognized both professionally and financially.)


Thank you for hearing my story. I want to know if your government is going to raise the wages of workers in the disability support sector by a minimum of $2/hr?



Yours truly,


(Your name and contact information here)

(Also include a picture of you in your personal protective equipment if you are comfortable with that.)





Shannon Marchand, Deputy Minister for CSS,

Marie Renaud, Critic for CSS,

My MLA (For example: Joe Ceci, Calgary-Buffalo MLA, This will be dependent upon where you live so be sure to find your local MLA refer to the link in the campaign description)

Alberta Disability Workers Association (ADWA)


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