Alberta Disability Workers Association
Building a Valued, Proud & Professional Workforce
Letter Campaign

Let’s Get Those Wages Up!


Letter-writing campaign to raise the wages of the disability support service workforce by a minimum of $2/hr.


We’re here! Now it’s your turn.



We are going to work and doing our job every day. Now it’s the government’s turn to show up. Our workforce deserves both financial and social recognition of the outstanding work they are doing.

Disability support workers and services have undeniably responded to the pandemic both professionally and effectively. Our response has kept people healthy and supported at this very critical time. The flexibility and resilience of our workforce has meant that not only are we providing our usual broad range of supports, but we have added a whole new range of COVID-19 skills and responses.

Our workers jobs have changed. The scope of the work has changed. The knowledge we need to do our work safely has changed. The risks we face when doing our work has changed. The wages we receive and the social recognition for our work has not.

Campaign goals

  1. Short term: Get more money into workers’ pockets immediately as a response to COVID-19
  2. Long term: Increase wages in the sector to recognize our trained, skilled, competent and professional workforce
  3. Short and long term: To educate the ministry (bureaucracy) and politicians about the work the disability sector does (the professional identity of sector workers)


Audiences/who we are contacting

  1. The Minister of Community and Support Services (CSS) (the Minister over PDD)
  2. Deputy Minister of CSS
  3. Opposition critic of CSS
  4. Workers’ individual MLAs (here’s a link to help you find your MLA)
  5. ADWA (so we can document and follow the campaign)


What do we want you to do?

Write a letter to the Minister of Community and Support Services, tell her how your job has changed and express to her why you deserve a minimum of a $2 an hour raise now. We will provide background information and assist you in writing the letter. You provide your story. It’s that simple!

Here’s a letter format you could use as a starting point and here are some ideas from colleagues to help you tell your story. Include a picture of yourself while wearing your PPE if you are comfortable doing so.

If you have any questions, please contact us at