Alberta Disability Workers Association
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Ideas For Your Letter

  • I could get ill with COVID-19.
  • I could take the illness home to my family.
  • I am not getting any time off work, which makes me more vulnerable if I get exposed or ill.
  • If I am working with people who are ill, or suspected to be ill, I have to self-isolate from my family.
  • If people I support get ill, I will feel it was my fault.
  • I work with seniors, so I worry that my actions outside of work could potentially lead to them getting sick or even dying.
  • I have to hide my own fears so I can reassure the people I support.
  • I am concerned for my own sense of well-being and the risk of burn out. What would that mean for the clients I support?
  • I have to wear uncomfortable PPE on long shifts.
  • I cannot always get all the PPE I need when I need it.
  • I am concerned about making mistakes with PPE and this could cause someone else to be ill.
  • I cannot physically isolate at work because the support I provide requires physical contact.
  • I have had to alter my regular schedule in order to protect the folks I work with and this has disrupted my personal life.
  • I am worried about losing hours that could lead to a loss of income.
  • Following AHS rules I have lost family income due to working in one agency and/or on location within an agency.
  • I am concerned that the government programs that are put in place do not sufficiently cover my job losses.
  • In my one job as a Community Support Worker, I provide health-care supports, personal care, medications, food service and housekeeping. Why do I not get a top-up pay like my colleagues in health services?
  • I work with people with complex needs. We are seeing deterioration in mental health due to breaks in routine and self-isolation, which makes the work even more complex.
  • The people with mental health issues I work with are not able to see their usual mental health supports, which means I am trying to provide that support as well.
  • If I am doing my job well, you will never know it (because people won’t get ill and we won’t be in the media).
  • I am concerned that the job I do as a Community Support Worker is not as valued by the government in the same way as other health services.