Alberta Disability Workers Association
Building a Valued, Proud & Professional Workforce

Certification of the competency of workers is a standard role of professional associations, such as ADWA. It is important that the standards be easy to understand and demonstrable/measurable by some means. Certification has several components:

  • Core competencies that include standards to be met
  • Evidence that the worker meets those standards of knowledge, skill or ability
  • A process by which evidence is gathered and evaluated fairly

Certification is not a course that you take. Think of it more as a final exam that assesses what you have learned from other courses, workshops, reading and on-the-job learning that allows you to be good at your job. In this case the "final exam" is a  combination of testamonials by those served, supervisor reference, assesed coursework (if any), work samples, short answer essays, etc.

If you are interested in being part of the certification pilot (2018) watch this short video that explains how you can apply: